Let us take you away


Barter is a gigantic town with a big harbour. Every day ships from all over Mementoria arrive at the harbour. The people and creatures come to Barters harbour to trade goods. Barter is famous for its markets. There are lots of different houses and huts and tents where you can buy things and sell things. You can buy all sorts of different food and different spices. You can buy fruit and vegetables, you can buy instruments and material for writing. If you need something, Barter is the place to find it.

Unusual sights are the norm in Barter. If you see a Rhinosaur selling fresh Gangalan to a Mikrobot you definitely in Barter. A Rhinosaur looks like a big snake, but with leaves instead of scales. It has bright green and yellow stripes and has a long red tongue. Gangalan is like a pie. It is made with fresh strawberries. A Microbot is a half human, half robot, they love Gangalan.

Barter is a fantastic place for an adventure with friends. Not only can you buy things, you can meet up to play games. The markets in Barter are famous for games. You can play all sorts of games with other people. Or maybe you just want to catch up and talk about the newest gossip.

In Barter you are never alone, there is always someone to talk to and to discuss things with.