Let us take you away


Let us take you away, to a far away land. An exotic country full of lush forests and deep oceans, vast deserts and high mountains. There are many creatures living there. Some creatures you may have never even heard of, some you might know. Fantastic beasts with diverse abilities and all sorts of people inhabit this world.

Are you ready to begin your journey through different regions of this country? We promise you it will be a breathtaking adventure. Explore as many places as possible, be brave and challenge yourself. With the map given to you, you can keep track of places you have visited and things you have done.

Solve any task that catches your fancy at any given time. Don’t forget to read about a place you want to visit, before you travel there. That way you know a little of what to expect.

But most important of all, have lots of fun.

Yours faithfully
The peaceful leaders of united Mementori