Let us take you away


The village of Sketch is right on the edge of a large desert area. There are some scraggly bushes and trees. It is very dry and hot because it never rains.

There are no roads that lead to Sketch, if you want to go there, you have to ride a camelia or walk for hours and hours under a burning sun. A camelia is almost like a camel, but it has three humps and it has scales like a snake. Camelias are very friendly animals and they love to carry people around. You don‘t even need a saddle, they are very comfortable to sit on.

The people that live in Sketch are called Nomads. They live and sleep in big white tents. The tents are almost as big as houses. Outside they are covered in drawings and scribbles. Inside they are full of nice wooden furniture.

During the day the Nomads like to sit in the shade of the scraggly trees and draw or paint. They also love to take pictures of the native wildlife and of pretty desert flowers. When they are not drawing or painting, they visit other Nomads and have a chat and share a cold drink.

In the evenings, all the Nomads of Sketch get together and sit around the fire place. There they cook meals in big pots and tell each other about new paintings or drawings.